Electronic two-line numeric scoreboard, suitable for displaying swimmers' times, event and heat information, etc. The displays can also be used for diving, water polo, and as lane-specific pace clocks. They are compatible with, and designed to be used in conjunction with electronic timing consoles by Colorado Time Systems, Daktronics, Swiss Timing (formerly Omega) and International Sports Timing (ISTime)*. One or more units can be controlled by a single timing system console, either alone, or with existing scoreboard display(s).

Full graphic monochrome or color large video walls. Usable not only for your scoreboard display, but also any other video source such as pictures or live video of swimmers.

Scoreboard software that allows you to turn your large screen display or LED wall into a Colorado System 5 / System 6 compatible or Swiss Timing / Omega Ares 21 compatible score board*.

Timing Systems

Timing system, including a system controller, lane controllers, pads and buttons ... coming soon! Please contact Swim Display, Inc. if you are interested in being a beta site.

*Colorado Time Systems, Daktronics, Swiss Timing and ISTime have not endorsed Swim Display, Inc. equipment.